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grandstream IP Phone

IP Phone / Unified Communications (UC)


Echolink is a partner of FiberME which is the only distributor of Grandstream products in the Middle East.


An IP phone, also called a VoIP phone, is a phone that uses internet protocol, rather than the circuit-switched PSTN. ... PSTN phones and VoIP phones are not compatible, but you can adapt a PSTN phone to the internet with an analog telephone adapter.

The evolution of technology, based on adoption of open industry standards vs. proprietary protocols, along with increased marketplace competition has given SMBs/SMEs access to all kinds of enterprise-grade communications technologies.

This unified communications guide provides SMBs/SMEs seeking to upgrade or create an IP-based network with useful information on how to start down the path of unifying voice, data, video, and mobility applications for reduced costs and increased business effectiveness.

Today, there is an extensive and exciting array of communications products and applications (email, video conferencing, mobility, voice, surveillance) available to help businesses achieve heightened sales success and business growth.